Thank you to the 20+ artists who participated in the show! Read about their work below. 

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The Absurdist

The Absurdist was born out of an existential need to celebrate the freeing understanding of the absurd. The Absurdist works predominantly in the abstract medium of the mind, occasionally  stepping out of this realm to embrace an even more-absurd-than-life endeavor: art. 

Pantheistic Cloud 2015. 40” acrylic dome. Live species inside. Questions of meaning & replies of trees. 

"We are approaching New Geometries as a philosophical exploration, a situational attempt to address individual dissonance over the absurdity of inherent meaning. The medium, an inward-out environment for existential thought."

Read more about Pantheistic Cloud here

Bud Botanical Banditry

Bud Botanical Banditry is a botanically derived design studio (at the helm of Sammy Go) that believes in the simple but potent beauty of flowers and botany. Bud is a transpiration of plants and flowers for a weary world.

flowering quince, viburnum, sumac, ranunculus, bridal veil vine, hellebore

"I've been on a quest to find beauty in everything around me. I'm inspired by the inherent qualities of flowers and foliage. If a branch is curved and sinuous, I want to expose, not tame it. I am less a creator and more a curator; this vessel of  natural beauty does all the work by itself


Asia Wong

Asia Wong is thrilled by the before-thought dynamics of the body, how its parts interact, move, and explain with a wisdom directed by physical and biological laws. No interception. What happens when we revere the uncanny aspects of wilderness?

Untitled 2015. Performance.

"I will
create spatial relations 
between the E L E M E N T S
and interpret how they create composition and narrative by
spontaneous combination."


Catherine Sherman

Catherine Sherman has been drawing, crafting, and playing with fabric for as long as she can remember. Her fascination with quilting is its transformation. Unlikely pieces become perfectly suited neighbors. Her deepest hope for our world is this: transformation and unity that stretches the limits of what seems possible.

Sunset. 2014. Upcycled & vintage mixed textiles (cotton, denim, batik, linen, satin) representing at least four decades and three continents.

"This is the fifth quilt in my Crossroads series. I tried to push the boundaries of red/orange and blue/grey patterning and configurations, while working mostly with solid colors."

Carlos Leon

Carlos Leon is a woodworker based in Oakland. For Carlos, woodworking is a way of communicating and bringing together community around beautiful and functional objects. Carlos endeavors to create meaningful objects that last long and serve well.

Spoons, scoops, stirrer, salad snatchers 2014.
Soft Black 2015. Stained pine benches.
$975 per bench.
Other: prices upon request.

"In these benches, soft edges meet hard surfaces. Smooth lines meet soft angles, blending mid-century architecture with Asian sensibilities. The movement of the wood is a mark of time, recalling the worn-in appearance of an heirloom.

Crystal Jones

Crystal Jones is a native Californian with Texas roots. She knows what it is to be sustained by the land; for generations, her family has relied on it for income, for community, for recreation, for therapy. Deeply connected to the earth and the life brought forth from it, Crystal spends most mornings kneeling in the dirt: weeding, watering, pruning, and harvesting. Gardening is her meditation.

Kimchi waffles with sriracha syrup
Post-modern lunchables
Sugar cookie rounds
Brownie donuts
Quail egg nests
Curried pretzel patterns
Build-your-own grape structure

"To me, New Geometries is about taking an object and only only reimagining or reinterpreting it, but also changing the way one engages with it, using our imagination in a way that came easily when we were young and somehow lost along the way. For this art show, I will be revisiting my seven-year-old self and entering a forgotten wonderland. I will be playing with my food."

Daniel Dent

Daniel Dent is a working commercial photographer based out of San Francisco for the past 10 years. Recently he has dedicated more of his time to a personal and academic study of his profession.

Devil’s Slide 2015. Fuji Crystal Archival Prints. 
$300 for 16"x20" prints.
$75 for 8"x10" prints.

“For this series, I connected detailed aspects of the Devils Slide landscape near Montara, CA. I’ve always found refuge in this area. The geology of this place lends itself to the geometry of its transforming landscape. The process in which sedimentary layers of shale and sandstone are thrust up and folded into the granitic rock face of Montara Mountain over millions of years gives way to ‘new geometries.’”

Daniel Strongwater

Daniel Strongwater is a lifelong inquisitor and outdoor enthusiast who is fascinated by the way manmade environments and objects alter human interaction with and understanding of the world.


Geoff Evans

Geoff Evans is a ceramicist based in Bolinas, CA, who throws and carves plates, bowls, succulent planters, and vases. He is not only interested in the proportions, geometries, and clean lines of ceramics, but also in the negative space around their forms.

White Mountains
Carved Planters

"Everything I do is about creating space or changing space ... blending instead of conflict."

Gianluca Franzese

Gianluca Franzese is an Italian-born American artist who has lived and worked in San Francisco over the past 14 years. The son of a jewelry maker and a pupil of the old masters of Italian art, he started painting early on, moving through realist, expressive, and narrative styles. With a background in decorative painting, his style has evolved to blend continuous patterns of color with dynamic metal reflections, with meticulous attention to detail and dedication to flawlessness. Each painting plays with the viewer’s perspective, illuminating the spaces in which they reside.

Underground 2014. 22k gold leaf with acrylic on Gesso Stonehenge paper.
Endangered 2014. 23k gold leaf, copper leaf and acrylic. 
Honeycomb 2012. 22k gold leaf, copper leaf, acrylic dry brush on paper.

“This collection reflects my belief that beauty is a process that happens over time, with a focus on underlying patterns and geometries found in nature. The metallic elements in the pieces are sensitive to the temperature of the environment, expressing a particular temperament based on context. This responsive variable means that the work is always unique to the time and place in which it is viewed.”

Halley Roberts

Halley Roberts is a photographer and designer/illustrator amalgam from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

01 . 02 . 03 . 04 . 2014-2015. 
$125 per print.

"These photographs were taken in Baja California Sur in December 2014 and January 2015. In a place without rigidly straight lines, where every angle appears to be naturally formed, my compositional tendencies were at home. These images celebrate the congenital geometries in my work as they encounter the inherent geometries in the world around me."

Ido Yoshimoto

Ido Yoshimoto was born and raised in the Point Reyes Peninsula, a place that is hugely inspirational to his work. As an arborist, artist, and woodworker, he begins his projects at the raw source—the tree—and is deeply involved in every step of the crafting process, carrying out an artistic vision from start to finish.

Untitled 2014. Silkscreen, indigo on cyprus.
Edition of 50. $150.

"I wanted to use tools of geometry (compasses, templates, jigs) to create an image that conveyed depth and simplicity, as well as a glimpse of the underlying process."

James Mcclung

Beyond Mercury Awaits 2014. Gouache and ink on tea-stained paper.
Tectonics to Lithosphere Sprouts Earth Then Rests. 2014. Gouache and ink on tea-stained paper.

"These two piecesthe beginning of a new series titled LAND AND DARKare about the relationships within the worlds around us. The darkness that holds these worlds is represented by geometric shapes, while the uniqueness of each planet in our solar system is represented by an ordinary, earthly object."


Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a product designer professionally and a painter at home. His oil paintings strive for a balance of happenstance and intentionality, which he believes are the two forces that drive our lives.

Lineage 2014. Oil and indigo on canvas. 

“Lineage represents the dynamic between father and son. Each mirrors the other with similarities in material and process, yet a profound difference exists in the outcome. The relationship between the two—their geometry—is defined by the temporality of indigo washes and oils, a parallel to the evolution of intimate relationship, or geometries, between two people.”

Jono Brandel

Jono Brandel relies on the combinations of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming. The results of this mixture vary in form but usually have a screen-based component. He explores procedural aesthetics.

2015 Calendar on cardstock letterpressed at Dependable Letterpress in the Dogpatch.

"A fresh take on the calendar that draws inspiration from water flowing through a brook. To achieve this, the calendar uses geometry's most fundamental techniques and theories: the unit circle, sine, cosine, and tangent. Each row represents a week with an occasional demarcation for the final day of each month. The bordering dotted lines represent the seasons of the year."

June Kim

June Kim is a Bay Area-based photographer who enjoys the steady act of working with and developing film.

Garden 2014.

"An exploration and abstraction of the floral form. If the word 'geometry' has its roots in the 'measurement of earth or land,' here the garden itself becomes the landscape. These photographs are accidental double exposures that have become catalysts to see flowers in a new way through photography."

Marialidia Marcotulli

Marialidia Marcotulli is an artist, curator, and surfer. She is a doctoral candidate in eco-psychology. Her art is motivated by the transformative act of bringing her experience from water to land and by her commitment to reconnecting humans with water.

"As a surfer, I turned to water in search of peace from the paved, cemented psyche of modern Western culture. For 10 years, I operated on the margins of society, and my responsibilities became secondary to the timing of swells and tides. With each session, I immersed myself deeper into a private baptism. I traveled further into the underworld of my unconsciousness, abandoning the socialization of my conscious mind."

Risa Culbertson

Risa Culbertson runs a letterpress stationery line called PapaLlama out of a studio in the Heath Ceramics Building. She works mostly with paper now, but her first true love is fiber arts.

"I wanted to create a space where two people could interact on different planes. The canvas becomes a playground for people who, under normal circumstances, can't be together. In this space, time is of no import; it is not a limitation."

Sean Newport

Sean Newport is a San Francisco-based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. Sean maniuplates wood into three-dimensional shapes, then paints and arranges them into a vibration of glowing patterns. He is fascinated by how perception and consciousness shift when confronted with optical controversy.

Untitled 2014. Acrylic on hand-cut poplar.

"Each individual shape is perceived differently. When multiplied, the peaks and valleys cast shadows on one side and illuminate colors from another. Every viewing angle changes the pattern; directional light alters the shapes dramatically. Our reactions to these optical falsehood challenge our notions of reality.

Zack Piánko

Zack Piánko first experienced the beauty of film photography in high school on his grandfather’s Nikon F35mm camera. Fifteen years later, he still finds himself falling in love with film photography every time he picks up his camera.

Ligia (I, II, III, IV) 2015. Polaroid 600se + Fuji FP film, Moab Colorado fiber satine paper.

“In photography, I notice subtleties that I would have never picked up on otherwise: the composition of shapes and lines within the frame, the movement of the human figure, the presence of light.”