New Geometries is a concept-driven open house & community gathering.

New Geometries investigates: 
the relations, properties, and measurement of solids, surfaces, lines, and angles; the properties & relations of magnitudes; the relations of space.

New Geometries brings together: 
a community of artists, makers, and thinkers in order to manifest creation that is embedded in life, not at a gallery but in a lived-in home. The show will be conceptual, interactive, and multi-disciplinary.

New Geometries took place on the evening of January 17th, in an apartment in the Mission.

Thank you all for participating in this experiment.

Until next time. For now, these mementos will have to do.

photo by Ryan Devisser

photo by Ryan Devisser

About the host & curator:

Natalie So is a storyteller, writer, photographer, & creative producer based in the Mission. Not too long ago, she quit her tech job and helped launched Edition Local as their managing editor and resident storyteller. New Geometries was a spontaneous passion project inspired by her love of bringing creative communities together. To hear more about events like these, sign up for her newsletter here

I saw shapes related to one another . . . a picture of shapes and underlying it a new vision that held me.
— Alfred Stieglitz